WOW classic will push new edition:shadowlands

  • WOW classic will push new edition:shadowlands

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    These improvements are now in progress and are coming to an end. The programmers work overtime to make progress on the game and go online to solve the problem. It is possible that the update has been completed as you read this article. Blizzard revealed: "Free characters will move from all servers to Sul'thraze, Loatheb will be closed at this time." And the result is that the upgrade will be more interesting than before. And for new players, this will be easier to get started than in the past few years.



    “We strongly recommend that any player who plans to use “Free Character Move” do this as soon as possible. Free character moves may be disabled at any time without warning.” The first part of World of Warcraft Classic will be completed soon, the second part Today (11.12 Tuesday). This is crucial for the entire process. To some extent, it may even interfere with some other gameplay. Blizzard has confirmed that they will not launch the world boss until all areas return to the single layer. This is to avoid any duplication with the world's bosses because they are considered a single threat. WOW Classic Boosting helps players solve problems in difficult times and saves a lot of time. If you have a level that cannot be passed in World of Warcraft, use this service to solve your problem immediately.



    The maintenance of World of Warcraft Classic will mark the beginning of the tiered system, which should be implemented in the UK around 3 pm, and it is expected that there will be network congestion for some time, and it is possible that players will just like the game just released. Line up to enter the server.



    Blizzard released a message saying: "From 7:00 am Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, World of Warcraft's classic server will be set to a single layer." "We expect that after this step, some of the servers listed above will line up. We Players on the Arugal, Faerlina, Herod and Whitemane servers are especially encouraged to use the free character mobility service to avoid excessive queuing.




    As mentioned above, if everything goes well, the second phase of World of Warcraft classics can be released on Thursday, November 14. After that, players can update the game and play against the new monsters and bosses. It is expected that there will be no scheduled downtime on Thursday, and this new content should be visible on the evening of November 14. Blizzard said that their goal is to launch new Azuregos and Kazzak monsters in the UK before 7pm.


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