Programmers wish to unlink the gender thereby permitting

  • On Saturday, the programmers will set a unique NPC in the game world, from which it will be possible to immediately get level 50, as far as I recall, this is the greatest possible.The purpose of this article is to once again study the various features of this game process with Astellia Online Asper, which I already talked about, relying on my translation of the Korean edition, with the advent of a normal English client, various attributes can be studied in much more detail.So essentially the text below will include things that some users may already partially know.

    And yes on our site there was information that programmers wish to unlink the gender thereby permitting the production of an assassin girl or a male magician. However, most likely these modifications so far only influenced the Korean edition, since I didn't find a sex change in the available courses, and in general the character editor itself stayed unchanged.Usually, when localizing an MMORPG job, users pay attention to the main characteristics of the personality, and we will look at them first of all, because Astellia developers added a number of very interesting parameters. In total, every character has a set of parameters that are secondary and basic that are responsible for magic or physical skills.

    Basic parameters are a standard set of canonical characteristics (at least judging from the title ), but if you hover over them with the mouse, then the game will inform you which indicators they're liable for, this is a very important moment and it was hard to correctly translate it out of Korean.I also need to remind you that an individual can manually add a certain number of points into the characteristic he wants, but he could do so only five times employing special crystals (the higher the quality, the more points you receive ).

    Looking ahead, as you can see, at the pictures below, virtually all of the characteristics are exhibited only in a numerical value, which isn't very practical for me.For example, a participant decided to pump the bow into crit and rather than the typical percent chance of crucial damage, he will see a numerical value where nothing is apparent. - STR - raises defense and physical assault. - AGI - increases precision and evasion. - DEX - as I know that increases the harm and directly the chance to buy Astellia Online Asper, and, is responsible for the parameters related to crit. - CON - is in charge of energy and CP indicators. - INT - defense and raises magic attack. - WIS - increases magic precision. - KNW - accountable for the parameters connected to the magic crit.


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